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Head & Shoulder Medium TermHead & Shoulder Long TermReverse Head & Shoulder Short Term
Reverse Head & Shoulder Medium TermReverse Head & Shoulder Long Term 

Free Head & Shoulder Chart patttern Screener - Short term

NameSymbolCurrent PriceLeft ShoulderHeadRight ShoulderNeck LinePattern SinceLast ScreenedView In ChartsOther Patterns
American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. AEO15.9113/03/201513/04/201524/04/201527/03/2015, 20/04/201530-Apr-1530-Apr-15View In ChartOther Patterns
Best Buy Co., Inc. BBY34.6520/02/201518/03/201509/04/201526/02/2015, 01/04/201516-Apr-1530-Apr-15View In ChartOther Patterns
Charles River Laboratories International, Inc. CRL69.1625/02/201519/03/201521/04/201503/03/2015, 07/04/201530-Apr-1530-Apr-15View In ChartOther Patterns
Dillard&s, Inc. DDS131.5920/03/201510/04/201523/04/201525/03/2015, 17/04/201527-Apr-1530-Apr-15View In ChartOther Patterns
Howard Hughes Corporation HHC148.4720/03/201506/04/201524/04/201525/03/2015, 22/04/201530-Apr-1530-Apr-15View In ChartOther Patterns
Health Net Inc. HNT52.6524/02/201520/03/201521/04/201506/03/2015, 15/04/201529-Apr-1530-Apr-15View In ChartOther Patterns
Las Vegas Sands Corp. LVS52.8819/03/201509/04/201522/04/201526/03/2015, 17/04/201529-Apr-1530-Apr-15View In ChartOther Patterns
Vail Resorts, Inc. MTN99.2131/03/201508/04/201523/04/201501/04/2015, 17/04/201529-Apr-1530-Apr-15View In ChartOther Patterns

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