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Exponential Moving Average of Stocks of sector Paints/Coatings

  Recent Chart Patterns of Paints/Coatings Technical Indicators of Paints/Coatings
Moving Average of Paints/Coatings Exponential Moving Average of Paints/Coatings Highs Lows of Paints/Coatings
Price Range of Paints/Coatings

NameSymbolCurrent Price3 day EMA5 day EMA10 day EMA13 day EMA15 day EMA20 day EMA34 day EMA50 day EMA100 day EMA200 day EMA
PPG Industries, Inc. PPG221.56221.772222.285223.538224.038224.307224.856228.575226.282224.05216.476
RPM International Inc. RPM47.5447.894248.037548.130948.135548.136748.148545.145148.274948.039846.86
Valspar Corporation VAL81.181.56281.848382.351282.579382.716483.025280.062984.130284.127682.2032

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